New York City offers its employees the opportunity to become retirees through various programs. The pension plan that covers you depends on your title and agency. Social security contributions are not included in gross income for federal tax purposes until they are distributed as benefits.


In spite of the fact that this is the case, I would still like to remind you that regardless of this, you are still required to pay your Social Security, Medicare, and state and local taxes. When you retire, you only pay federal taxes on your benefit payments, not New York state or local taxes.

Your SeeThroughNy pension loans are repaid by deductions from your salary for the agreed duration and amount. Employees who “buy back” time can pay for the purchase at a payroll discount.

New York City employee retirement plan rules, costs, rights, and benefits vary from plan to plan. For more information, see each pension plan’s website below.

New York Employee Retirement System (NYCERS)

NYCERS is the largest of the five retirement systems in New York. NYCERS covers most civil servants or employees ineligible to participate in certain uniformed pension plans of educational agencies and institutions.

New York City Board Of Education Retirement System (BERS)

BERS is a retirement system that provides retirement benefits to employees of New York City and the School District, excluding those who can retire under the provisions of other retirement laws, and to temporary and part-time workers employed by the Board of Education and other employers in the City that are covered under BERS. covered.


New York City Firefighters Pension Fund (NYCFPF)

The New York City Firefighters Pension Fund is for city firefighters and firefighters. For more information, call 929-436-0099. New York Police Department Retirement Fund (NYCPPF). Covers over 39,000 police officers in New York.

New York City Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS)

Membership in the TRS is open to educators working for the City of New York DSP, New York City charter schools, and the City University of New York (CUNY).