Frequently Asked Questions

SeeThroughNY data shows that Stephen Kolison was the highest-paid employee at SUNY Fredonia in 2021, earning $289,342 according to SeeThroughNY data. Second place goes to Kevin Kearns, who previously served as the school’s vice president and now works as Kellison’s special assistant. He earned $195,609 from his work.


Some Common Queries

Can you tell me what is the NAICS code for SeeThroughNY?

There are two NAICS codes for SeeThroughNY: 517110 and 51711.

Does SeeThroughNY have many employees?

SeeThroughNY has less than 25 employees.

Can you tell me more about the industry SeeThroughNY serves?

SeeThroughNY is active in the media and internet industry.

What is the SeeThroughNY technology stack?

Technologies used by SeeThroughNY are: Google Tag Manager, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, Backbone.js

Where is SeeThroughNY headquartered?

SeeThroughNY is headquartered at 100 State St, Ste 410, Albany, New York, 12207, USA.

How can I contact SeeThroughNY? What is SeeThroughNY’s phone number?

SeeThroughNY’s phone number is (518) 434-3100.

How much pension do New York State employees receive?

For every year of service that you have below 20 years of service, your retirement benefit will be equal to 1.66% of the average final salary you earned for that year, this percentage is based on the average salary you earned for the year. Your benefit is calculated by multiplying your FAS times your credit years of service by 2%.

Which system belongs to the top 10 systems?

The New York State Teachers’ Retirement System (NYSTRS) is one of the top 10 public pension funds in the country and one of the best-funded teacher systems.

Is the New York State Budget Approved for 2022?

SFY 2022-23 budget has been approved by the state of New York. The Executive and Assembly Ways and Means Committee reported that all expenses for financing for the fiscal year of 2022-23 will total $220.5 billion.