The Payroll section provides a database of names, titles, salaries and total earnings of people who have been employed by the State of New York. Paying your employees has never been easier. The latest payroll software allows you to manage everyone’s salary.


The Empire Center for New York State Policy now offers a database tool through the Seethroughny Network where you can search for salary information. NY Public Payroll Watch tracks labor issues that affect state and local government costs in New York. It features daily updates and news clips along with original investigative reports.



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In 2020, the data shows:

The highest-paid employee on the state payroll was Dr. Robert Corona Jr., CEO of SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. His salary was $787,288. It is estimated that 1,263 state employees, including 1,228 members of the executive branch, received more than Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $225,000 salary.

Coaches at SUNY are among the top 100 most highly paid civil servants in the country, according to Bloomberg. Lance Leipold, the football coach at SUNY Buffalo, was paid $686,845 (4th place) and James Whitesell, the basketball coach at SUNY Buffalo, was paid $409,540 (95th place). As the head football coach of SUNY Stony Brook, Charles Priore received a salary of $424,180 (#80).

Name EmployerTotal PaySubagency
Marx, AnthonyLibraries$775,433New York Public Library (General Employee)
Johnson, LindaLibraries$587,169Brooklyn Public Library (General Employee)
Hyman, DanielRamapo$453,171 NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Mayes, Michele ColemanLibraries$451,855New York Public Library (General Employee)
Dalgish, JamesKings Point$404,234 NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Cayer, GeraldLewis$396,143NYSLRS - General Employee
Rao, AnthonyWestchester$395,282NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Wool, GardySuffolk$375,382NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Halpin, PatrickSuffolk$375,248NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Nasta, JosephSuffolk$371,752 NYSLRS - General Employee
Reilly, MartinRamapo$364,839NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Sciara, JohnSuffolk$362,568NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Liberato, VincentSuffolk$360,882NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Barrett, JohnNassau$349,649 NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Donnenfeld, AvitalSuffolk$349,386NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Curow, WilliamHarrison$347,098NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Weiss, AnthonySuffolk$346,407NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Hirsch, AriSuffolk$345,213NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Mc Caffrey, PatrickNassau$343,872NYSLRS - General Employee
Viola, GiacomoSuffolk$338,932NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Saracino, FrancescoSuffolk$337,989NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Davis, DonaldWestchester$336,914NYSLRS - General Employee
Cirenza, GuidoSuffolk$335,320NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Leli, RonaldSuffolk$334,223NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Fitzpatrick, StephenNassau$330,417NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Mezzacappa, JosephLake Success$329,599NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Abramowitz, FranklinSuffolk$329,180NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Keenan, JasonSuffolk$328,471NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Anderson, Keith Suffolk$328,469 NYSLRS - Police & Fire
Fernandez, ThomasLake Success$327,481NYSLRS - Police & Fire

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